Take control of your business debt.

Don’t let debt threaten the future of your enterprise.

Are you a business owner who is in debt — and struggling to pay your business taxes, HST and your unsecured creditors? We can help you ride out shaky economic times and get back on firm footing.

Our experts have a great deal of experience counselling Toronto small businesses, particularly sole proprietors who are struggling with debt. Let’s have a conversation.

Business Debt

Do you owe money to creditors and feel unsure of the next steps for your business? For years, we have counselled business owners across many industries — construction and real estate through law and accounting. Sometimes a frank conversation about your business is a good step. How you are managing cashflow? Is your business model viable? We can counsel and guide you to the best debt relief solution which may include:

  • Bank loans and consolidation lines of credit
  • New cash flow management approaches
  • Cost cutting
  • Consumer proposal
  • Bankruptcy

Tax & CRA Solutions

Do you have personal income tax or HST debt that you just cannot afford to pay? Let’s talk. We understand how tax debt can get out of control — and we know how to deal with the government.

Debt with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is a serious matter. As a government entity, it has the power to force collections of unpaid taxes through wage garnishments, freezing bank accounts, investment seizures — even registering a lien on your home or place of work, if you own it. Even worse, it could conduct a third party assessment, putting your associates and/or family at risk, under section 170 of the Income Tax Act. All the more reason to speak to our licensed trustees as soon as possible.

Our tax relief solutions for small business include :

  • CRA Repayment Plans
    Make monthly payments until your tax obligation is paid in full, including all penalties and interest.
  • CRA Fairness Applications
    Prove extraordinary circumstances and financial hardship that supports your inability to repay your full tax obligation.
  • Consumer Proposals
    The only tax relief program that the CRA will accept is a consumer proposal filed with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, such as Remolino & Associates. See Consumer Proposal for details.

Need confidential advice and assistance with business debt?

Get a free consultation now to explore the best business and tax debt solutions for you — and how Remolino & Associates can help.

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