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The Best Consumer Proposal & Bankruptcy Filing Services In Pickering

If you are having a hard time financially and you live in Pickering, Ontario, Remolino Associates can help you. We have helped thousands of people in your situation to reduce and pay off all their outstanding loans. Some of the solutions we offer at our Pickering debt relief office are:

  • Preparation of consumer proposal
  • Assisting customers with personal bankruptcy
  • Loan Counselling
  • Loan consolidation
  • Loan Settlement

To talk to us, schedule a FREE and confidential loan assessment by calling us for free at (416) 792-5599 or complete the form on this page to send us mail.

Preparation Of Consumer Proposals In Pickering

A consumer proposal refers to a legitimate loan relief solution enacted by the federal government to consolidate and eliminate your loan much more cheaply.

The 10 significant benefits of consumer proposal include:

  • Retiring up to 80% of the client’s loans
  • Put a stop to the incessant collection calls
  • Avert recovery of wages
  • Services to unfreeze money in your bank account
  • Legally binding a client’s relationships with unsecured lenders
  • Handling of CRA and payday loan corporations
  • Preserving a client’s assets such as tax refunds
  • Lowering the client’s monthly payment by renegotiating some deals
  • The clients does not pay interest on the monthly loan repayments
  • Helps the client to avoid bankruptcy

The consumer proposals we prepare and file have a success rate of 99%. This means that they work out well most of the time. We work closely with the client to develop an offer they can afford.

The client also gets to know the cost of the consumer proposal before we start working on it. The client pays an amount based on the repayment negotiated with the client’s creditors at the start of the preparation process of the consumer proposal.

Once the client has completed the payment according to the terms of the proposal, the client’s loans will be eradicated. Clients must rely on the services of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee such as Remolino Associates to prepare and submit a consumer proposal.

We recommend that you master how to file a consumer proposal or get in touch with our Pickering experts, who will provide the guidance you need to get yourself out of debt and escape bankruptcy.

Comparison Between Debt Consolidation And Consumer Proposal

If you have a lot of credit card debt, unpaid taxes, or other unsecured loans, you might wonder if a loan consolidation debt, home equity loan, or second mortgage is the best way to join your loans.

However, there are risks to consolidating your debt with a new loan. For example, you might not qualify for a second mortgage at an affordable rate.

At our Pickering office, our loan experts will help you evaluate your options and compare the benefits and drawbacks of taking on new debt or a second mortgage. We can also make an offer to your lenders to settle your debts through a consumer proposal.

Completing Personal Bankruptcy In Pickering

Bankruptcy is something people do when they can’t pay their bills. But it is not always the best solution. Our experts will talk to you about whether or not bankruptcy is the right thing for you to do.

There are other ways to handle debt, and we can help you figure out what is best for your situation. We offer free consultations and flexible scheduling. Email us or call us today at (416) 792-5599 and let us help you.

Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is legally mandated to file a bankruptcy and consumer proposal. Our services are certified by the federal government to assist you to manage your debt levels.

Pickering Debt Assistance

If you cannot pay back your loans, you need to get help from someone. The best person to help you is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. They will help you figure out the best way to get rid of your debt.

Get Rid of Debt From Credit Cards

If you only pay a little bit each time, it will take a long time to pay off all your credit card debt. Our goal is to help you reduce your credit card debt by up to 70% by consolidating your debt payments and preparing a settlement offer. Under this plan, your credit card debts are combined into one reduced monthly payment that can last up to five years with no interest.

Note: The consolidated loan is not a new loan product; instead, it is a federal-certified debt settlement plan with a payment duration of up to five years and no interest.

Discontinue Your Payday Loan Cycle

The interest rate on payday loans increases faster than the repayment rate, which puts plenty of financial pressure on the client. With time, the interest expense erodes the client’s income at the paycheque. If the client falls behind on their payment, the payday creditors result to aggressive methods to collect their money, including getting in touch with their employer or recovering their wages.

Our service programs include payday loan solutions to unshackle clients from the tough payday loan cycle.

The Importance Of Consulting A Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

Working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee offers the best way of handling your debt burdens and has helped thousands of clients with challenging debt repayment plans. Our financial services are recognized by the Canadian Government to help potential clients with debt management or elimination. Our professional objective is to assist clients to free themselves from debt.

Debt Repayment & Consumer Proposal Calculator

Our debt calculator provides a comparison of what your monthly debt repayment might look like under different debt relief options including a debt consolidation loan, debt management plan and consumer proposal. Actual results may vary as each situation is unique.  Your actual payments will be based on your income, assets and debts but this calculator provides a comparison of the potential savings of each option.

Simply enter your total unsecured debt, including credit card debt, bank loans, lines of credit, payday loans and tax debts. Do not include mortgage or secured car loans.

Enter Your Total Unsecured Debt

To Eliminate Your Debt
Monthly Payment (approximate)
Over 5 Years
Total Cost
Over 5 Years
Total Savings
Over 5 Years
Consumer Proposal
Settlement For Less Than Principal debt amount

Credit Counselling
No Negotiate principal reduction

Debt Consolidation
With on going applied interest cost

Repay Debt on Your Own
Monthly payment with on going interest cost

Consumer Proposal FAQs

Yes, a consumer proposal will stop collection calls, wage garnishments, and all other actions carried out by collection agencies. Consumer proposals are legal proceedings under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

You will gain protection from debt collectors immediately after your LIT files your signed proposal documents with the OSB.

Yes, you can. While you won’t be able to change the total sum of your payments because that’s negotiated between you and your creditors before you start your payments, you can pay off your proposal early to begin your financial recovery process.

Yes, you have some duties. During a consumer proposal, you have to make all the required payments and attend two credit counselling sessions.

Unlike filing for bankruptcy, you don’t have to report your income and expenses when you file a consumer proposal, and you won’t lose any assets.

You are allowed to defer up to two payments if you can’t afford them, but your proposal will be ‘deemed to be annulled’ if you fail to make three payments. If this happens, your debts are immediately reinstated and you lose your creditor protection.

Yes, it can. Your unsecured tax debts can be included in your proposal and CRA is limited by the terms of the accepted proposal.

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